Fresh Coconut

The coconut is a member of palm family. The term coconut can refer to the whole palm or the seed. The word coconut is taken from the Portugal and Spanish word COCO which means Skull or Head as the three eyes resembles the facial features.Coconuts are known for their diverse nutritional and medical values since time immemorial. Filled with maximum nutritional values what human needs to protect his body from diseases, it is also called as a Fruit of Life


Grade A
Size 13 Inch+
Weight 450 Grams To 550 Grams
Moisture 12% to 15% max
Impurities 3% Max
Dust 3% Max
Packing 100 to 110 kgs compressed bales and strapped
Loading 185 to 190 bales per 40 FT container
Quantity per 40 FT HC container : 20 MT maximum


 Mattresses making
  Brushes and Doormats
  A small amount is also made into twine


Fumigation and phyto sanitary certificate can be provided
Any other quality certificates can be done at the cost of the buyer