Coir Peat Low EC 25KG

Coco peat (cocopeat), also known as coir pith, coir fibre pith, coir dust.Coco peat is used as a soil additive. Due to low levels of nutrients in its composition, coco peat is usually not the sole component in the medium used to grow plants. When plants are grown exclusively in coco peat, it is important to add nutrients according to the specific plants' needs.


Type Packing Lodablity
Bulk Loading Loose Stuffing 650 Bags | 16 MT per 40ft HC Container
Palletized Loading 22 Bags per Pallet 440 Bags| 20 Pallets | 11 MT Per 40ft container
Pallet Size 40 X 42 inches


Bag Dimension 32 x 46 x 72 cm
Unit Weight (+/- 3%) 25 Kgs
Electrical Conductivity < 0.6 mS / cm (1:1.5 Volume Ratio)
PH 5.8 to 6.8
Moisture 10 % – 15%
Compression Ratio '2:1
Expansion 200 Liters


 Potting mix suppliers
 Green houses.
 Hydroponic Growers
 Nursery & Garden center professionals
 Seedling Nurseries
 Lawn and Golf course constructors
 Horticulture and Floriculture applications
 Home Gardening (indoor and out door) and for landscaping use


Fumigation & Pytosanitary will be done during loading of the container.
Any other quality certificates can be done at the cost of the buyer.