The coconut fibers plant disk is completely biodegradable and natural. The coconut fibers plant disk allows keeping the girth of plants and trees without weed. It preserves the humidity at the foot of the plants and does not obstruct their growth.


 The Above made calculation are tentative and may get altered while packing.
 The Expansion volume is also approximate and will have variation upto 10% and the water absortion (soaking Level) may also vary upto 10%.
 we need minimum 60 Days to complete the order and may increase based on your Requirement.


 Potting soil, mainly for Home-Gardening purposes,mulching perennial plants, around trees and shrubs, in hedge or slopes, in your garden or in pots on the balconies.


 Fumigation & Phytosanitory Certificates can be provided, Any quality certification can be done at the cost of the buyer.