Coco Peat High EC

(Unwashed coco peat)widely used as bedding for farm animals. Because of its water absorbent properties, coco peat helps to keep the farm clean and dry since it absorbs animal waste.


Seives Un seived
Water Holding Capacity 15 ltr/kg
Electrical Conductivity Greater than 0.8ms/cm
PH 5.8 TO 6.8
Compression Ratio 5.01
Moisture % Less than 15%

Packaging & Loadability

Type Packing Lodablity / per 40ft Contianer
Bulk Loading Bare Block 5200 blocks|26 MT
Palletized 220 blocks arranged on a pallet covered by plastic wrap of strapped with tape 4840 blocks|22 pallets | 23-24 MT
Loading Pallet size: 42 x 39 Inch -