Our Products

  • Coir Fiber

    We offer immaculate range of Coir Fiber that is widely known for being used as commercial natural fiber in designing mats, sacking, mattresses, brushes..,etc

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  • Coir Gardent Products

    The Coir Gardent Products are Coco Mulch Mat,Coir Plant Pole,Seed Germination Cup ,Coir Plant Basket ..,etc

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  • Coco Husk

    The coconut husk products are Horse bedding pellets,husk chips washed,husk chips unwashed,coir disk,Coco peat high EC,Grow Bags,Jiffy Plugs..,etc

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Green Mart Exports was established in 2015 at Chinnanegamam,Pollachi,TamilNadu,India. We export the Coir Products like Coir Fiber Bales,Coco Peat Blocks,Coco Peat Bricks,Coco Husk Chips,Coco Discs and Coins,Open Top Grow Bags and Grow Bags.

Go with Nature

Our eco ­ friendly products are made to satisfy buyers in all countries. We maintain stringent quality measures to manufacture the best cocopeat blocks and coconut fiber and we source our raw materials only from good de-fibring units in India.

Our company offers wide variety of Coir pith products such as Coco Pith, Coir pith grow bag, Coir pith blocks, Coco Peat Open Top Bags, Coco pith Easy Fill Bags will definitely help for your gardening and horticultural needs.